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Chiropractic Relief for Migraines and Whiplash

0577902001574200522.jpgMigraines and headaches caused from whiplash can often result in pain and discomfort that affects everyday activities. However, people who suffer from migraines and whiplash headaches should not have to rearrange their schedules to compensate for the intense head pain that they experience. There are several chiropractic solutions to help alleviate the pain caused from whiplash and migraine headaches.

At Bloomingdale Chiropractic, we specialize in treating patients with recurring migraine headaches or headaches caused from whiplash from sports injuries or auto accidents. Our chiropractors can identify the root cause of your pain and create a treatment program to not only alleviate your current symptoms, but also to help improve and altogether avoid your symptoms in the future. Our goal is to eliminate the pain our clients feel in their joints and spine so that they can live life without limitations.

We have several chiropractic treatment options for people suffering from migraine headaches or headaches caused from whiplash. While each treatment depends on the specific information from the patient, we can go over a general treatment plan for both ailments.


Migraine Pain and Headaches

According to Mayo Clinic, the definition of a migraine headache is as follows:

A migraine headache can cause intense throbbing or a pulsing sensation in one area of the head and is commonly accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound.

Migraine attacks can cause significant pain for hours to days and be so severe that all you can think about is finding a dark, quiet place to lie down.

Some migraines are preceded or accompanied by sensory warning symptoms (aura), such as flashes of light, blind spots, or tingling in your arm or leg.

Migraines are part of a group of “primary headaches”, named as such because the headache is the primary cause of pain and needs the attention to be treated. The American Chiropractic Association suggests that about 95 percent of these headaches are caused from tension in the neck.

Since most migraine headaches originate from tension in the neck, a chiropractor can use several neck adjustments and spinal manipulations in the neck area to alleviate some of the stress and tension found in those vertebras.


Whiplash Pain and Headaches

According to WebMD, the definition of whiplash is as follows:

Whiplash, also called neck sprain or neck strain, is injury to the neck. Whiplash is characterized by a collection of symptoms that occur following damage to the neck. In whiplash, the intervertebral joints (located between vertebrae), discs, and ligaments, cervical muscles, and nerve roots may become damaged.

Whiplash is caused by an abrupt backward and/or forward jerking motion of the head, often as a result of a car accident.

Since the root cause of whiplash headaches is from damage to the intervertebral joints in the neck and the discs in the neck and spine, chiropractic treatment is often the best solution to alleviate pain.

According to spine-health.com, there are two chiropractic procedures to help alleviate pain from whiplash: spinal manipulation and chiropractic adjustment.

The primary whiplash treatment for joint dysfunction, spinal manipulation involves the chiropractor gently moving the involved joint into the direction in which it is restricted.

Also known as a chiropractic adjustment, spinal manipulation may involve the application of a short thrust in that direction. In many cases, instead of a thrust, a slow mobilizing movement is used by the chiropractor.

If you are suffering from migraines or whiplash pain, please call our office to schedule a consultation with one of our chiropractors. We can help you find a treatment plan unique to your individual needs and start your journey back to a pain-free life.


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