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Common Treatments

Chances are , you low back pain is due to one of the problems you read about on the previous pages. Your chiropractor can treat these problems to help relieve your back pain with Common Treatments. Treatment, will likely include manipulation and techniques that help manage symptoms. You’ll also be taught self-care to help treat and prevent future back problems.


Manipulation (also called adjustment) can improve joint flexibility and spinal alignment. During manipulation, your chiropractor carefully applies a specific amount of pressure to affected areas of the spine. This is done using the hands or an adjusting instrument. The motion may be short and quick, or slow and constant. When the back is manipulated, you may head a “popping” sound. This is normal. Follow all instructions from your chiropractor during and after manipulation


In addition to manipulation, your chiropractor may use the following Common Treatments:

  • Hot and cold therapy treats back pain. Heat relaxes muscles. Ice eases swelling. Both relieve pain and help with healing.
  • Muscle stimulation uses small pads(electrodes) to send electrical signals to specific muscle areas. The signals reduce muscle spasm.
  • Massage techniques can be used to help relax muscles and reduce muscle spasm.
  • Stretching exercises help loosen stiff and sore muscles. This improves range of motion and flexibility.
  • Traction involves gently stretching affected areas of the spine. This helps open up facet joints and improve disc health.
  • Ultrasound uses sound waves to create heat. The heat may help improve blood flow and reduce muscle spasm, swelling, and stiffness.


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