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A healthy back is strong and flexible. It supports the body and allows you to twist, turn, and bend with ease. The low back(lumbar curve) is the back’s foundation. If it damaged, the entire back – and the rest of the body – loses support.

A common cause of pain and/or pins and needles (tingling and numbness) which travels (radiates) from neck and into the arm, hand or fingers is a pinched nerve coming from the neck (cervical spine), these nerves back area give sensation (sensory) and strength (motor) to the upper extremity areas. Usually this nerve which is “pinched” is “pinched” due to a disc injury and/or a malposition (subluxation) of the vertebrae. This can cause pressure or contact with the nerve which causes the nerve to become inflamed (swell).

Chances are , you low back pain is due to one of the problems you read about on the previous pages. Your chiropractor can treat these problems to help relieve your back pain with Common Treatments. Treatment, will likely include manipulation and techniques that help manage symptoms. You’ll also be taught self-care to help treat and prevent future back problems.

Fibromyalgia Relief with Chiropractic

If you are struggling with fibromyalgia, you are not alone, as Dr. Richard J. Robinson sees many people with this particular condition in our Brandon, FL chiropractic practice. As a matter of fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that roughly two percent of all adults in the United States have fibromyalgia. Thankfully, chiropractic care is one treatment option that can provide positive results.

Low back pain, many times is a direct result of low back (lumbar) and/or pelvic misalignments (subluxations). The majority of people have a  lumbar spine which is made up of 5 bones (vertebrae) and  the shock absorbers (discs) in between each vertebrae

To find out why your back hurts, chiropractic evaluation will try to determine the source of your back problem. This evaluation includes a health history and physical exam. It may also include tests such as x-rays. If needed, your chiropractor may consult or manage your care with other healthcare providers.

If you or someone you love has been living with back pain, then you know just how annoying it can be. Sometimes, you feel great and then suddenly you turn the wrong way and have a horrible pain shooting through your body. This article will help you with just that!

Searching for tips related to back discomfort has proven to be unfruitful up to now and you need answers fast. It can be very difficult to deal with back discomfort and you do not have time to mess around. Use this article and you should be more than happy with the results you find.

Each New Year brings with it a myriad of resolutions to help us get more fit, more healthy, more organized and more financially secure. Where most of our resolutions have positive intentions, many will falter due to our failure to define a plan for success.

At Bloomingdale Chiropractic, we treat patients who have suffered auto accidents resulting in neck injuries, such as whiplash injury. Over our 27 years of experience in chiropractic services, we have seen many patients with similar questions about whiplash and headaches following auto accidents. We’ve compiled a few facts to help you navigate through what to expect if you suffer whiplash as the result of an auto accident.

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